Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beyonce to Direct and Star in Her Own Documentary Movie

Singer-turned-actress (or vice versa) is a very common occurrence in Tinseltown. However, if a singer wants to be a filmmakerdirecting a documentary would probably be a challenge in its own right. Beyonce wants to break into the directing world, and she’s been shopping a documentary film to some of Hollywood’s renowned studios that focuses on her busy life and career.
The Los Angeles Times also reported that Beyonce won’t just be directing. She’ll also be producing and, of course, starring in the production. The documentary will combine concert footage and also behind-the-scenes peeks at Beyonce’s life. She’s currently a mother, a superstar, and a business mogul.
Beyonce previously starred in MTV’s mini-documentary titled “Beyonce: Year of 4,” which tells the story of her return to the studio to record her new album.
Will you be watching when it’s out?