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Wear Optical Illusions, Get Thin!

Kim Kardashian wearing Alexander McQueen's "Optical Illusion dress"
We all know that women prefer clothes which makes them look thin, emphasize their curvesand enhance their figure. Spanx pantyhose, Wonderbras… You name it! But come on, no dress is really gonna take ten inches off your waist, or make you look twenty pounds lighter than you really are… Would it? Well, no ORDINARY dress would be able to do that!
But when designers discover fabulous world of optical illusions, and then start playing with such concepts, you’d be amazed what they could do to the female figure… only sky is the limit!
Take the dress on the right for example – simply by adding a well-known optical illusion pattern to the waist, the designer Alexander McQueensuddenly makes any woman wearing his dress appear much thinner in waist than she really is. Not to mention how he successfully reversed the effect in the breasts region, accomplishing curvaceous, hourglass appearance!

Really?! Who Else Does This?

The next dress by Stella McCartney is another extreme example of what optical illusions can do to a woman’s body… Sure, it’s an easy task to emphasize Kim Kardashian’s curves, but what if you’re not as curvaceous?
Using a similar concept that slimmed down Kim in the first image, McCartney’s dress takes the illusion even further – By using a slightly off-white color fabric on the bust, the “shadow effect” makes woman’s breasts appear much larger, immediately putting them in the spotlight (something I’m sure most gentlemen wouldn’t be eager to complain about). But that’s not the only enhancement here!
Kate Winslet premiered Stella McCartney’s dress at the Venice Film Festival, and it was so noticeably figure-altering that it was quickly dubbed “The Optical Illusion Dress” by the press. You can immediately recognize the black-fabric-on-the-sides trick, one that made Kate look like a corset model from the 18th century. An hourglass figure so slim, that when compared to her mortal anatomy, it’s actually shocking…
So remember, optical illusions aren’t just theoretical creations used by artists. No, they are also quite practical when applied to real world settings by fashion designers who want to please their clientele by giving them an entirely new figure. Here are few more celebs wearing Stella McCartney’s dresses. Has it worked for all of them? You be the judge!

How long before Snoop's reggae Lion runs out of puff?

BOWIE had Ziggy for half a decade, Beyonce had Sasha Fierce for just one album, so how long will Snoop keep up the Lion act?
He is shrewd businessman who knows how to grab headlines and "Snoop Lion" is a great headline.
Everyone is now talking about his transformation and, more importantly, his new album, Reincarnated.
Snoop is leaping into the unknown; Reincarnated is an all-reggae album, which will have his fan base scratching their heads.
The press conference was Snoop's flamboyant way of telling them, "Don't be scared, reggae won't bite", but it also allowed him to reach out to new fans.
Telling the world that he was casting aside rap and its gun culture and now doing the sort of music that his family and children can listen to plays well with K-Mart and other Middle America stores.
And his embrace of Rastafarianism and Bob Marley keeps the reggae crowd on side and shores up his artistic credentials.
But the headline-grabber is his spiritual rebirth.
"I went to the temple, where the High Priest asked me what my name was, and I said, 'Snoop Dogg'. And he looked me in my eyes and said, 'No more. You are the light; you are the lion.'
"I have always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated. I feel I have always been a Rastafari. I just didn’t have my third eye open, but it's wide open right now.
"When I make records I like to come from the heart. On this particular project, I had no plans on going to Jamaica, making a reggae record. The spirit called me. And, you know, anytime the spirit calls you, you gotta know that it’s serious.
"I basically let them know what I want. It's not that I want to become Snoop Dogg in a reggae track ... I want to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion."
Marley's son Rohan was at the conference and gave Snoop his blessing, because when you tell the world you're the Reggae Jesus you need the backing of reggae's most powerful name, even if you have a twinkle in your third eye.
Snoop's new album will be bolstered by a documentary of the same name, which will focus on Snoop's music and his rebirth. A coffee table book is also planned.
The press call follows news that Snoop was banned from entering Norway for two years after he tried to enter the country with marijuana.
The artist is a strong supporter of decriminalising marijuana but it unlikely the issue was a factor in his rebirth.
How long he stays a Lion will depend on sales. Snoop has sold more than 12 million records in the US, and over 30 million albums worldwide but his last album, Malice n Wonderland, performed poorly so a change of style and a raising of his profile may have been needed.
But artists who change direction risk much and the album charts are littered with unloved U-turns (Kylie's foray into Indie, Radiohead's avant garde Kid A, Lauryn Hill's spiritual misadventure, MTV Unplugged No 2.0 are just a few).
Expect the Dogg to make its comeback when Snoop's reggae album runs out of puff.
Snoop's name change has had an effect on Twitter, with fans confused as to what it all means. Here's a taste of funniest reactions:

A New Plus Size Denim Brand Coming into Town: Lucky Jeans

Lucky Jeans in Plus Sizes featuring Tara Lynn

Lucky Jeans in Plus Sizes featuring Tara Lynn

Lucky Jeans in Plus Sizes featuring Tara Lynn

The Lucky Brand will launch Lucky Plus tops and the Ginger jeans for the fall. Tops are available in up to a 3x and the jeans up to a size 24! These will be available both online and in Lucky Stores AND with Nordstrom- this is especially of note, since the jeans used to be available only online and up to a size 18! With nothing over $150, this collection is sure to be both nice on your curves and on your pocket book!

Let’s look at the Ginger Jean:

Lucky Jeans in Plus Sizes featuring Tara Lynn
IMG Source
WWD shares that these midrise (no crack showing) Ginger jeans will be fashioned for us in three cuts!  In the fashion-forward skinny, the timeless boot cut, and the fresh straight leg!  Not only will we have a variety of shapes to choose from but we will also have a variety of shades and textures- including fall’s popular corduroy!!!  In the tops, we will have our choice of over 75 styles from tanks and cardigans, to the blouses and denim jackets! How about that for options?!
You can learn more about the Lucky Brand here! If you want to share your excitement, you can follow Lucky Brand on Twitter and chat with them on Facebook!

I want to know, are you excited about this launch? HOW cool is Tara Lynn looking right now in these jeans? Have you ever had a pair of these? Share with me!

Other img sources

She laid back on the table in a provocative pose and smiled admiringly at the way he played with his balls (youtube.com)

Pool skills you have never seen before

Everyone Should Own a Hi-Low Dress


                       I'm alive today because God kept me!!! God bless us all...

How to forgive somebody after an affair

How to Forgive Infidelity
1.Don’t rush your response
It might feel natural to finish the relationship as soon as you discover the infidelity, but do stop and take stock. Wait for your initial feelings of hurt and anger to be replaced by secondary responses – these will be more productive in the long term. Can you understand why the infidelity happened? Were there warning signs? If the roles were reversed, might you have been tempted to be unfaithful in your partner’s position? Were there outside pressures on the relationship – a new baby, a family upset, a big change, depression? Taking time to consider the contributory factors in any situation isn’t weak, it’s sensible. And understanding the reasons will help you move forwards.

You will feel an urge to obtain every piece of information about the affair, just to give your racing mind some peace, so talk about it with your partner. Discovering the details won’t help you emotionally (you’ll feel they will, but they won’t), but you will find comfort in talking to your partner about it, because talking is a sign that your partner wants to rebuild their relationship with you. If your conversations end in arguments, consider talking to your partner with a counsellor present. Just having a neutral third party in the room will make you and your partner behave in a less emotional manner.

3.Ask for what you need
If there are changes that will help you cope – moving into a separate bedroom, taking a holiday (alone or together), meeting the other person – then ask for them and do it early on. At the beginning, your partner’s guilt will make them amenable to your requests and they will try to help you as much as they can. Later on, they will prefer to try to “forget” what happened. So take a private moment to think of practical arrangements that feel comforting, and then state them.

4.Write it down
Keep a journal where you pour out every last feeling of hurt and distress, every question, every moment of anguish. Write it all down. Don’t reread what you write, just let it pour out. The simple act of writing is comforting, plus it gives you a safe place to process your thoughts. Keep it a private book, don’t let your partner read it, and don’t quote irate passages from it. Use it as a place to express your emotions until you begin moving past them. Later on, you might want to ceremoniously destroy the journal as a symbol you have closed the chapter.

5.Find support
Talk to friends whose relationships survived an affair, or find online groups where people discuss the issue from their own experiences. Look for support in moving onwards positively – don’t let yourself be talked into ending the relationship unless you are sure that’s what you want to do. Find a counsellor or therapist you can see individually, if you need a sounding-board. Your partner will want to spend less and less time talking about the affair, preferring to rebuild your relationship, and might see every conversation about What Happened as a backwards step, or yet another request for them to express contrition. Find other people to talk to. Avoid close family or friends you will socialise with alongside your partner as knowing that everyone has heard every detail of the infidelity will make your partner feel uncomfortable in their company for many years. Moving on and finding forgiveness is a personal undertaking; the rewards are many, but you’



15 year old girl from the Incan Empire who has been frozen for 500 years.

SALTA, Argentina — The maiden, the boy, the girl of lightning: they were three Inca children, entombed on a bleak and frigid mountaintop 500 years ago as a religious sacrifice…

Unearthed in 1999 from the 22,000-foot summit of Mount Llullaillaco, a volcano 300 miles west of here near the Chilean border, their frozen bodies were among the best preserved mummies ever found, with internal organs intact, blood still present in the heart and lungs, and skin and facial features mostly unscathed. No special effort had been made to preserve them. The cold and the dry, thin air did all the work. They froze to death as they slept, and 500 years later still looked like sleeping children, not mummies

Mario Balotelli's Aunt and Uncles In Ghana Begs Him To Come Back Home

The Ghanaian extended family of Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has joined persistent pleas from his biological parents that he should return to them.

Balotelli's two uncles and aunt Mario is a top striker whose transfer value has soared to £52million and though he was born to Ghanaian parents, Rose and Thomas Barwuah, on August 12, 1990, he was adopted by foster parents at age three because of medical reasons.

He was born in Palermo, a city in Southern Italy and was adopted by Italians. There are two versions to the story of how Mario got adopted by Italian foster parents, the Balotellis.

Mario said in an interview that he was abandoned in a hospital by his biological parents, the Barwuahs.

They have denied this claim and insist that because they did not have enough money to foot his consistent medical bills due to his health conditions, the Balotellis offered to adopt Mario on a temporary basis but never brought him back.

SHOCK PICS: R&B Singer Usher Is Spotted ON A LUNCH DATE . . . With A DUDE!!!

                                    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PIX...

Morgan Freeman to marry his step-granddaughter

A few weeks ago, a disturbing story broke that Morgan Freeman was maintaining a 10-year relationship with his step-granddaughter with whom he had a questionable sexual encounter when she was young. Yes, they are not related through blood, but Freeman is 72 and E'Dena Hines is now 27, which means she would have been 17 when they first... MET. together.

Once Freeman's wife found out about their secret affair she filed for divorce, and now the Enquirer is claiming that once proceedings go through, he and Hines are set to wed.

"Morgan has led her to believe that he wants to marry her," says a family insider. Another source says, "Becoming Mrs. Morgan Freeman has been E'Dena's goal."THINGS DEY HAPPEN SHA WISHING DEM BOTH THE BEST IF IT"S FOR REAL.....



Meet The Top Nollywood Queens of Boobs on point

Apart from their amazing character interpretations in home videos, their extra-large mammary gland coupled with their beauty remain their identity, and one of the qualities that make many hearts flutter in admiration whenever their faces grace movie posters, film jackets and T.V screens. Though many of them are naturally endowed, some are said to have had boobs job.

Jennifer Eliogu

This Nollywood actress will definitely pick an award at any big, bold and beautiful screen idol awards event; the jelly-jenny of the English genre of Nollywood is also one of the very few talents blessed with extra-large sized mammary gland. Though, the size of her “mammaries” might have not won her many seductive roles in movies, Jennifer would never go unnoticed with such a rare gift of nature.

Foluke Daramola

She is another pretty and brainy star of the Nigerian movie industry. Boobs size has become part of the identities of Flaky as fondly called by her friends. Though, the dark-complexioned International Relations graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University might not belong to the class of those who flaunt what they have, the rare gift of nature which is an added advantage whenever she plays seductive roles in movies, always get her noticed where ever she goes.

Grace Everly

Grace will ever be grateful to God for those big sized twin-towers, which are probably among those qualities that fetched her most roles in the movie industry. Apart from her good interpretations of characters in home videos, Grace Everly who now lives in Germany will definitely rank high among the boobs queens of the Nigerian movie industry.

Ronke Ojo

Bold and blunt best describe the personality of this fair-complexioned Yoruba Movie star who has earned herself a sobriquet, Ronke Oshodi Oke, because of her extra-large ‘twin towers’. The chubby cheeked screen siren known for her sexy roles in home videos knows her onion in the movie industry and is always proud of what she’s got.

Tayo Odueke

Her seductive role of a wayward girl in the popular old flick ‘Sikiratu Sindodo’ actually fetched her fame, face, and name she needed to be on top of her game in the movie industry.

Sikiratu Sindodo, as now fondly called, is frontally endowed and the Yoruba actress doesn’t fail whenever opportunity permits itself to display her over sized ‘twin-towers’.

Bimbo Akintola

Bold, beautiful and brainy are those qualities that stand her out among her peers, but seductive roles in most home videos have earned the ebony-complexioned Nollywood star a movie bad girl reputation. Bimbo might have over the time charmed her fans, most especially male, with her carriage coupled with the way she often displays her heavy twin towers in movies.

Bimbo Akinsanya

She actually came to the lime-light with the Yoruba flick, Omo Oloja, where she played a lead role of a first class ‘call-girl’. Bimbo Akinsanya’s acting skill, and probably her well-shaped big bosom which she usually parades at will, have won her lot of sensual roles.

Cossy Orjiakor

Whether you like it or not, irrespective of how other “boobs” may be Boobsie Cossy will definitely pick the crown as the topmost queen among the queens of boobs in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Till date the cat-voiced star actress-cum-singer with extra-sized ‘twin-towers’ has a unique manner of packaging and parading her boobs in home videos and at events, which always leaves many scrambling to their feet to catch a glimpse. These are some one of the secrets which make Cossy’ still hold tight to the throne as the “Queen of Boobs”.

Ayo Adesanya

The sultry tube queen also is also blessed excessively at the front-side. Apart from her sensual roles in both Yoruba and English home videos, Ayo Adesanya remains one of the most gifted screen sirens, who do not hide the natural gift of nature. The lively star usually flaunts her big ‘mammary’ without caring whose horse is gored.

Chioma Toplis

Despite her big twin towers, this sexy Nollywood star actress loves wearing provocative dresses which always display her big boobs. Chioma had played lots of sensual roles in home videos and the highly gifted screen goddess would not even mind going nude if her husband permits.

Cynthia Agholor

This bold and blunt rising screen star doesn’t pretend that she got boobs to flaunt!
Though, size of Cynthia’s well shaped twin-tower might seen her losing some points to the likes of Cossy Orjiako and Ronke Ojo, this only child of her parents will definitely take a comfortable position among the actress, who loves flaunting their busty boobs.

Moreover, contrary to haters belief that the star of numerous hit flicks like Villager Toasters, Never Too late, Year 2000, First Love, and many others, seeks attention with her bust flaunting style, the bubbly belle belong to the school of thought which says, "If you have it, flaunt it!

Karen Igho

It’s no doubt that the U.K-trained model cum actress has made name as the first Nigerian belle to win the popular TV reality show, Big Brother Africa, Karen’s boobs job that had earned her a place among the big breasted babes of Nollywood, is one of the reasons some movie makers have been on her trail.

Despite the fact that Karen is unhappy with slanderous comments from the critics, who always judge her by physical appearances, all eyes seem to be always on her crafted twin-tower.

Adaora Ukoh

The big frame of this screen goddess compliment what she gathered at the front. While big, bold and brainy best describe her personality, Adaora’s big mammary is another reference quality among her numerous fans.

Although, Adaora’s ‘things’ may be small when compare to few others , the gifted actress who said to have pocketed millions of naira to go bald in movie, loves flaunting what she got.

Ronke Odusanya

Call her Miss Endowed; you may not have been wrong. Not only that this rising star actress is frontally blessed, Ronke’s butt can also make men go gaga. No wonder her sobriquet, ‘Flaky Ididowo’, which she got from one of her numerous flicks, fits perfectly well.

The famous girlfriend of Fuji music sensation, Pasuma, rarely bares it all in public, Ronke’s big boobs, have earned her more male fans and secret admirers.

Chioma Okoye

This is another well endowed rising star actress. Talk of being big, busty, bold and daring, Chioma Okoye, has them all in large quantity. Chioma has over the time carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian movie industry with her very daring roles, which often make her male admirers ask for more. Although, Chioma might be on the quite side, she always grabs the opportunity to flaunt what she got whenever she feels like.