Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The 10 Hottest Indian Women 2011 ~BROSOMKOM

  At home the old days in India, Bollywood beauties brought sunshine and hope to the millions who watched them on the silver screen. Jaya Bhaduri, Hema Malini and Rekha all made men’s hearts agitation. Even fully covered by their saris, these babes were sexy to the last few release of chai.
Today, India's most up-to-date women are gorgeous, smart and sexy as still. Here are AskMen's top Indian famous person picks.
No.10 Priyanka Chopra

Bringing internal the Miss World title in 2000, Chopra became the fifth Indian to win the beauty display. After winning the Miss India title, and ensuing Miss World title, Priyanka began her Bollywood career.

Her movies are on a constant roller coaster of hits and super flops. Her fundamental Indian film, a Tamil motion picture called Thamizhan (2002) was a reach. But pro all motion picture to was a sensation, three more went nowhere -- especially the epic failure like Story 2050.
At home 2011,Chopra had an acting breakthrough starring as a exhausting widow of seven husbands in the Hindi film 7 Khoon Maaf (Seven Murders Forgiven). It won important approbation on the Berlin Film Festival, a finest Filmfare (the Indian Oscars) artist selection and a win pro Best Critics Award besides from Filmfare.
At home eminent 2011, she signed a worldwide recording agreement with Universal Music and Desi Hits to file and issue her fundamental baby book. Her tune career will be managed by Troy mover, Lady Gaga's boss.
No.9 Katrina Kaif

Voted by NDTV as Asia’s sexiest woman, Katrina has long, dangling legs and almond-shaped eyes. She is Bollywood's top ranked and next highest earner now.

Part British, part Indian, Kaif has the girl-next-door look combined with to Indian-Eastern sexiness. Her Hindi is terrible, and mainly of her movies are dubbed completed, but she has the je ne sais quoi to has rocketed her to power status. Her mainly famous mark, obtainable last few day, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You Don't Give Life a Second Chance), was a smash reach and was nominated pro several awards.
This Christmas we’ll consider it her in the blockbuster trilogy Dhoom 3 with superstars Aamir Khan and Abhishek Bachchan. Kaif has inwards.
No.8 Aishwarya Rai

The past Miss World (1994) has show your face a long way since her modeling days. Having married into Bollywood's mainly powerful personal, the Bachchans, Rai tenable her place in Bollywood history. She is now the highest ranked Indian artist in Hollywood by Forbes, and she continues to be called the world’s mainly beautiful woman.

Rai began her motion picture career in a South Indian Tamil film Iruvar (The Duo) in 1997. Until the birth of her immature person last few day, she worked in the motion picture subject, appearing in more than 40 films. The Hindi film Devdas solidified her acting career (despite Canadian stand-up comedian Russell Peters’ jabs) and won motion picture of the day from Time Magazine in 2002, 10 Filmfare Awards and major marketable sensation.
Aishwarya is individual of folks women you can on no account overlook. She has the delicate doe-eyed beauty of Audrey Hepburn but the sexyiness and stature of Angelina Jolie.
No.7 Bipasha Basu

The winning genre began her career with Ford Modeling Agency on the childish age of 17 and on no account curved back. Bipasha has starred in India's mainly trendy films and is claimed to be the sexual category symbol of the populace. Sultry and stunning, she can, and has, enthralled the the human race with her textbook curves.

Bips, as each one calls her, in progress her career with a controversial lingerie advertisement from Swiss designer Calida in 1997, appearing in a bra and panties with her then-boyfriend Dino Morea. The muggy ad’s tagline, which read “And you notion your taste pro indulgence may perhaps solitary be whetted by Swiss chocolates," caused it to be banned in India. Causing a native sensation,  Bips was in the attention pro better or worse.
From present, she took her growing fan build and entered Bollywood. Sticking to the dark, sexy, muggy look, Bipasha starred in the erotic spy story Jism in 2003 (Indian porn star Sunny Leone will star in the sequel, Jism 2).
It’s refusal startle to Bipasha’s given name in English translates to "deep dark implore."
No.6 Kajol

Kajol is regarded as individual of India's mainly winning and talented female actors. At home 2011 the government of India privileged her with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian decision in India, pro her contribution to Indian Cinema. She’ll be remembered pro decades as individual of the women who starred in dozens of movies and became a power icon.

No.5 Mallika Sherawat

The darling of drama, Malika knows how to exert a pull on attention and keep it. She's individual busty newborn who doesn't mind wearing bikinis and tiny tops pro her saris.

Mallika, consequence "Queen" in English, misrepresented her given name from the mundane Reema at what time she entered the motion picture subject. She has a penchant pro making bold statements (comparing her set in motion to fame to to of President Obama's) or wearing bizarre clothes (attending the Cannes Film Festival with a live snake to promote the Indian-American film Hisss).
Even though the shared considers her to be a drama queen and photo hog, you can’t deny her gorgeous body and busty frame. She program the file pro mainly kissing scenes (17) in the Bollywood film Khwahish (Desire), a rare event and an extra chatting thrust pro the artist.
Mallika’s disastrous choices in Hollywood with Hisss and Politics of like has plunk her career on the line but we highly doubt she’ll lose color quietly into the background some generation soon.
No.4 Sonam Kapoor

The daughter of Slumdog Millionaire director and actor Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor hails from individual of the powerful Kapoor families. She is reminiscent of an Audrey Tautou meets Aishwarya Rai -- delicate but strong, soft but sexy.

She earned her fundamental marketable sensation with the romantic comedy I Hate Luv Storys (2010) and followed with such films as Aisha (2010) and Thank You (2011). Her fundamental issue of 2012 is Players, a restructure of The Italian piece of work.
At home February 2012, Sonam was invited to Salvatore Ferragamo's nerve center as part of the "Shoes pro a Star" project. Last month, she attended Burberry’s taste present. She could not be a Bollywood rockstar yet, but Sonam has a charm and elegance to will be selected for you fall in love all completed again.
No.3 Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri could not be acting in movies anymore but she was the sexual category symbol of the 1980s, 1990s and the noughties. There isn’t a man in the the human race who hasn’t swooned completed this beauty, especially at what time she was individual of the Bollywood babes to wear a scant trunks.

From starring in the film Khal Nayak (Villian) in 1993, Madhuri’s dance total, "Choli Ke Peeche" ("Under the Blouse"), sealed her posture as the sexual category symbol and ingenuous girl-next-door all wrapped in individual.
Madhuri continued to star in more than 40 films during her career as well as Devdas in 2002 with fellow Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai.

No.2 Riya Sen

Daughter of famous artist and sexual category symbol Moon Moon, Riya is called the sexual category symbol of today’s generation. Appearing in solitary a dozen Indian films, mainly notably Style, a 2001 small-budget sexual category comedy mark, Riya has made waves as a genre and artist since she was 16.

Riya has appeared in many Indian tune videos, has been featured on the Indian versions of magazine covers Maxim, Elle and Cosmopolitan, and posed to some extent bare in leading Indian photographer Dabboo Ratnani's twelve-monthly calendar in 2004. Of gush, it was the latter to stirred controversy in India -- but it didn’t bring to a close Riya from being featured on the calendar pro five more years.
If it wasn’t the calendar scandal, Riya became the Pamela Anderson of India with her MMS scandal in 2009, at what time a capture on film circulated performance her in compromising situations with her then-boyfriend, Bigg Boss star Ashmit Patel. We’ll on no account know if it really was Riya and Patel in to 90-second capture on film, but it certainly led her to an extra stage of popularity pro the famous person.
No.1 Sunny Leone

Raised in a traditional Sikh personal in Canada, Sunny Leone attended extensive teach and lost her virginity on 16. Sunny is our Indian beauty not from Bollywood. Her career began at what time she was named Penthouse Pet of the Month in 2001. She rocketed to pin-up status and appeared in Hustler and Lowrider, taking the plunge in 2003 with Vivid Entertainment into the the human race of hardcore porn.

Of gush, her Indian roots predestined a visit to Bollywood and an manifestation in the reality-boss present Bigg Boss, season five.  But the real fun will be at what time she appears in the sexy Hindi film Jism 2 (Body). Jism launched Bipasha Basu’s career into superstardom; perhaps it will bring Sunny to the concentrate of Bollywood fame.