Monday, July 30, 2012

Thief-catcher Arrests Ex-soldier Supplying Guns To Fulani Herdsmen

Thief-catcher Arrests Ex-soldier Supplying Guns To Fulani Herdsmen: Главное
Renowned thief-catcher Ali Kwara has arrested a former army officer allegedly notorious for selling arms and ammunition to bandits and warring communities in Plateau State and other parts of the North. 
Kwara told newsmen through telephone in Kano on Sunday he arrested the suspect (name withheld) in Zamfara State, where he (Kwara) is on an official mission to help check banditry.
He said some of the buyers of the weapons were also arrested.
He added that a Deputy Superintendent of Police was arrested with 1,000 ammunition.
Kwara alleged that the ex-soldier had been supplying arms to Fulani herdsmen.
He said seven other security operatives, which included an immigration officer, were arrested as a result of that operations, adding that among those arrested was a son to an ex-minister from Anambra State.
The hunter, who was appointed honorary adviser on security by the Inspector-General of Police about four years ago, claimed that the ex-army officer got his supplies from security agents.
Kwara named the areas where these weapons were used as Zamfara State as well as other troubled areas such as Plateau and as far as the Niger Delta states.
According to him, information reached him about the operations of the officer who was in possessions of deadly weapons.
He said in collaboration with the authorities the ex-soldier was arrested in possession with over 3,000 ammunition.
The hunter said, “There are some sold in Niger Delta while some are sold in Plateau State. The arrested ex-soldier has confessed to the selling of the weapons to both Christians and Muslims in Plateau. The thing has been turned into serious business. So far, we have arrested eight in Zamfara, four in Sokoto.”
He regretted that security operatives were involved in the dastardly business, stressing that a police officer serving in the Niger Delta was recently arrested based on information from him and his team.
“This will tell you how serious the whole thing has turned,” he said.
Kwara also revealed that a police orderly attached to a legislator was arrested for taking delivery of the illegal arms sent to the area.