Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Girlfriend Proposed To Me, Help!

I met this girl last year September at a cousin’s wedding reception and we exchanged contacts.

We had a first date and I discovered that she is a banker and she discovered  to her disappointment that I am a school teacher. She said she likes my personality but doesn’t like my job.

Honestly, I have been looking for a better job but you know nigeria is now.
Somehow, we pulled along but no much intimacy as we only meet on weekends and maybe like once a month or so.

Anytime she comes around, she tells me stories of her colleagues, suitors etc, and of course every one of them has a car and is richer than myself. She pings and answers phone calls of people I suspect to be her toasters or so, she was just in control.
I just played cool. She never asked me for anything and I never asked her too.

In March, she lost her job, so she became more available at my place. Later, she started asking me to define our relationship, my plans for her and future, etc. But, somehow I discovered what I believe is the problem: Her elder bros she’s been staying with will be relocating to east by October when his rent expires.

My girlfriend say she cannot leave lagos, especially with the kind of family she’s from, she won’t be allowed to rent an apartment here especially as she’s got no job.

So, she wants me to marry her before then, she says if money is my problem, that she’ll support me with 350K from her savings. She even said her brother (who works in the oil rig) can help me get a better job since I studied Engineering, but, that will be after our marriage.

This came as a surprise to me because I thought she’s the madam here. Besides, I will want to marry when I’m ready and to mrs right. I know I like her very much, but, a friend of mine Jude says I should use my brain and not my heart.

Jude says she’s not employable again as she studied food Science tech and has been in the bank for 4 years and that she needs marriage to secure her life and future. He says she will  turned to a liability and that she doesn’t love me.
What do I do, what do I tell her ? Please Help!