Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tension & Shock Made Me Deny Eazzy – Kietta Opens Up

Keitta poses for the camera
Keitta and Chris
Keitta looking into the future
Keitta and Benny Blanco
Keitta Meets The Press In Ghana
Ghana’s last man standing in the Big Brother Africa Stargame and ‘lovie lovie’ of popular hip life musician Eazzy, has stated that his denial of his girlfriend was due to pressure and tension in the house.

After eleven weeks in the house which revolved around both the Downville and Upville houses, Keitta became the next to be evicted from the House back to Homeville via the Kotoka International Airport at about 9:30pm on Thursday, July 26.
The lad, who is Reggie Rocktone’s younger brother, bared his heart in humility at his first meeting with the press who would leave no stone unturned, digging the living day light out of the last man standing as Ghana’s longest representative in the house on his exploits in the big brother stargaze house.
Keitta had to get talking when Eazzy’s issue was brought up on why he told Africa that he didn’t really know Eazzy, “Mildred is a cool young lady and we have been together for over two years. When I was asked by IK if I really knew Mildred? Sincerely now, yes I do, but on that stage, I got confused and shocked and didn’t know when I said no. You must understand that what happens there is far different from what you see on the screen, the tension is huge and this you must understand.”
As if he felt the press wasn’t satisfied, he added, “What I meant is that as human beings we can never know somebody 100 per cent. That is where trust comes in. I knew Mildred really well before entering the house and got to know and love her even more in the house’.
Quizzed on the huge prize money being split equally between him and his girlfriend had any of them won, we got to know that the whole idea was that of big brother Reggie Rockstone, who was playing a safety precautionary tactic. Money can be a deadly tool and Reggie actually came up with the idea of whoever wins must split the money equally to avoid ‘comme ci, comme ça’.
Keitta, dressed in a black T-shirt and a shorts with dark shades to match, spoke about the pain he felt in his heart on hearing the news of the late President’s demise, which prompted him to ask the whole house to observe a minute silence in respect to President John Atta Mills.
One thing Keitta regrets was to smoke live on TV, but who holy pass? Another thing he didn’t regret was his memorable boxer which is bringing him more endorsement courtesy Banana Republic (the brand of the boxer he wore throughout), recounting his days in the house.
Keitta however would not state categorically who deserved the money but said it was between KeaganWati and ‘even’Lady May.
It will be recalled that Keitta went into the game with his girlfriend, Mildred Ashong a.k.a Eazzy, as couples but she was conspicuously missing at the media soiree; one may seem to stand firm on the waves making rounds that all isn’t well that started well, most especially with the dude denying his sweetheart on the world stage; but who cares? Peter in the Holy Books denied Jesus thrice and Keitta did just once at Eazzy.
A welcome party scheduled for the lad has been rescheduled due to the mishap that has occurred to the country, a new date and venue will be communicated across. In the mean time, he will be jetting off to Nigeria to attend the birthday party of Ola, another voluntary evictee who left the BBA Stargame house with his partner Chris on health issues. He will then be in South Africa on the 5th of August, 2012 for the Big Brother Stargame finale.
‘Ayeeekooo’ to a son who lifted the name of Ghana so high that other African countries felt pinched when his luck ran out that day.