Saturday, July 7, 2012

Breaking News: Malonza and Junia Make Love In The Jacuzzi!

Finally the good friends pushed their friendship to another level when the showed a high level of affection and ended up making love infront of the Biggie cameras while in the Jaccuzzi.
It all started with all the former Downville Housemates enjoying the Jacuzzi and the two were kissing normally as they used to do it.
As time went on, the kissing became more often and feeling were rising evey minute that went by. The two started kissing as if their lips were glued together and the fellow Housemates were a bit suspicious.
The following moments we saw the distance between these two reducing to zero. At first, nothing was predicted because nothing could be seen as the two were doing it from the water but as the action continued, the fellow Housemates who were enjoying the Jacuzzi started getting out one by one.
In a blink of an eye, it was only Malonza and Junia left in the Jacuzzi making love. This was not a shock of course because we all know that what goes round comes back round.
It has taken some good time when these two were claiming that they are just good friends though Junia recently confirmed that she was seriously in lovewith Malonza.
Malonza however had not yet accepted that he is in love with Junia though he talked of enjoying any added value to their relationship which has happened.

However, Biggie protected the action from being watched as he took the cameras away from the scene……………………Watch out for more updates.