Friday, July 13, 2012

Gbagada Estate Residents Rendered Homeless by Lagos State Govt

Gbagada Estate Residents
Gbagada Estate Residents

The residents of 13 Surulere Aletor close, Oke Alo, Gbagada Estate faced a devastating situation as they met rubble on the site where their house used to be, at the late hours of yesterday.
According to reports, the Lagos State Ministry of Environment carried out a demolition exercise without giving the slightest prior notice to the owners. Without a doubt, all belongings including the Television set, furniture, gas cooker and more was still inside the house as no one was at the house to give a stop. The act was executed in the afternoon.. It was confirmed that four other buildings were affected also.
The demolished house was built about four years ago by Barrister Bunmi Fafowora.  Her intention now is to sue the Lagos State Government. (In her words)  “Where was the government when I got a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O)? Where were they when I built the house? After loads of millions spent on this house. We will be filing a law suit against them and let’s see how this plays out. After 35years at the bar is it a crime to be the owner of my own house?”
Her first son Seun, a graduate from University Of Lagos has this to say, “I think this is very callous especially when you haven’t made any alternative arrangements for the parties involved. This government has lost human feelings. I’m very disappointed in a government I voted for with so much expectation. This is lawlessness in action as far as I am concerned.”
This family went to work and school, came home late last night after a long day to find no home.
“This is so insensitive of a government. Sometimes I wonder if this is truly a democracy”, says Barrister Fafowora.
Gbagada Estate ResidentsGbagada Estate Residents Gbagada Estate ResidentsGbagada Estate Residents