Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Intoxicated Jannette Shows Up Her Butt!

Do you know the level of craziness Jannette can reach while intoxicated? Well if you don’t, get to know now.
After downing just two shots of booze Jannette couldn’t control herself and therefore  went wild as she had promised earlier.The Ugandan lass  collected all her strange  and weird characters back into the House.
From the House where the Housemates had taken the booze from, they decided to go to the Jacuzzi where they had to spend the rest of the night. Little princess joined the crew.
Jannette stumbled out of the Jacuzzi, where she and the rest of the Housemates (excludingPrezzo and Lady May)were. She had spent some few minutes in the bedroom from where she rolled out of bed and shortly went to the Jacuzzi.
With her fellow Housemates watching, Jannette stripped down her knickers and showed her   butt! This was a crazy act but of course expected out of any drunkard  person.
This week Biggie decided to rationalise alcohol in the House following the Housemates failure to control their behaviours but its the little of it that disorganises Jannette. So what will he do to control this?