Friday, July 13, 2012

Junia bails out of BBA and how she resigned from work

THE now-famous kisser from Namibia, Junia Cloete, has been evicted from the Big Brother Stargame Africa competition on Sunday and arrived back in Namibia yesterday.
She sees her experience in Africa’s most televised house as an overwhelming experience that she will never forget. “Life in the Big Brother house gets a little crazy sometimes, but it is a very exciting experience to go through,” she told Informant√© on Tuesday during an interview.
Junia admits that it gets lonely in the house, especially not having the people who you love around you, but she eventually made friends with the housemates. “In the BBA house the housemates are the only people you have, so they become your friends and family,” the 23-year old says.
When her boss refused to give her leave Junia resigned from her job as a receptionist, to be able to compete in the BBA series. So, what happens now? She says that she will complete her studies. “I entered last year for Big Brother, but I did not make it. Finally making it this year was a once in a life opportunity that left me with no other choice, but to resign from my work. I am a drama student at the College of the Arts. I will complete my studies and fulfill my dream of becoming an actress,” she revealed.
Junia gained weight in the house though. While still in the house a few weeks ago Junia complained during her private dairy session that she has gained weight and found it difficult to keep the weight off. She even consulted Lady May for fitness tips.
Her tummy earned the nick-name Fifi in the house. “Nafe come up with the Fifi name and the name started from that day,” she says laughing out loud. She says now that she is back at home she is determined to lose the extra weight. “I like my body, but I have to lose a little weight in order to lose Fifi. I want to look the way I looked like when I entered the house.”
Junia’s lips were romantically linked to Malonza’s in the BBA House for the first time, so what was really going on between them? Junia claims that they are just friends. “We are good, good friends. We just connect. Our friendship might develop into something different, you never know,” she mused.
22-year old Malonza from Kenya, who was evicted along with Junia, says that he will keep contact with Junia and when he comes to Namibia he would looks forward to meeting up with her.