Friday, July 13, 2012

Kanye West’s New Gifts To Kris Jenner After She’s Attacked

Kanye West Kris Jenner Gift

Kanye doesn’t just love Kim, he also has fallen for Kris Jenner and he’s pulled out all stops to show his support. I found out EXCLUSIVELY what pricey gift he just sent Kris.

It looks like Kim Kardashian has finally picked a good guy with new boyfriendKanye West. Not only does he seem genuinely head over heels for her, he’s also proving he’s a “family guy” by sending Kris Jenner a gift of support.
“Kim told him how everyone is bagging on her mom and saying all this false s**t about her, so he was like, ‘Don’t even trip. I got [her],’” a friend of the rapper tellsaccording EXCLUSIVELY.
So, what did he send Kris?
“He sent Kris a half case of [Cristal] because he thought she could use it…Cris for Kris,” our source says.The friend adds, “Kanye is the type of guy that, when [he] loves someone, he’s got their back and the whole fam’s back. That’s what it’s about. Fam[ily].” How sweet!