Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keitta and Keagan, Irritated By Goldie/Prezzo Reconciliation

Keitta and Keagan are irritated by the Goldie/Prezzo reconciliation. The two told  Jannette that Prezzo swore by his daughter that he wouldn’t go back to Goldie  but that the Kenyan rapper failed to keep his word.  Keagan also said  both Prezzo and Goldie are both fake.
Keagan  went on to an in-depth look at the relationship  dynamics in the House. The South African rep  said unlike Prezzo and goldie’s relationship, Junia and Malonza‘s relationship is real.
Keagan said “I think Prezzo’s boys are missing him and his antics and are really not taking kindly to the fact that its Goldie that has taken him away from them”. Goldie seems to have failed to find her level without Prezzo, she went on to initiated the reconciliation.
In her diary room session today Goldie  said Prezzo was not ready to make the first move so she did. Goldie seems to have woken up from the slumber especially that there are a number of  beauties in the house, Goldie decided to have  her man back before his taken.
Prezzo was yesterday every close to Uganda’s Jannette  and when he sat along the stair cases at night, Jannette was loudly shouting “ love you Prezzo, love you Prezzo”. Prezzo then sent Jannette for a glass of water but before she could take the water to Prezzo, Goldie was already Jealous she came down stairs, got the glass of water from Jannette and took to Prezzo.