Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kris Humphries Swears Myla Sinanaj Was Never His Girlfriend

Do you think Myla is telling the truth? This news could really hurt Kris in his divorce trial!

Remember when Myla Sinanaj tweeted that she “can’t wait to have a little boy”? Well, it looks like Kris Humphries might want to practice changing diapers! A source close to Myla tells TMZ that Kris’ ex-girlfriend is indeed three-months pregnant — and she’s positive Kris is her baby daddy.
So how could this affect Kris’ ongoing divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian?According to the site, if Myla is really pregnant with Kris’ baby, it will prove that he moved on from Kim very quickly after they split. He has previously claimed that he was “devastated” and heartbroken, so this would certainly prove him wrong.
And even though Myla and Kris have reportedly been in contact during the past three weeks, the site claims she has yet to break the baby news to him.
Kris Humphries Myla Sinanaj

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Kris Humphries is speaking out about alleged girlfriend Myla Sinanaj — and his revelations could help him in his divorce trial against Kim Kardashian! Kris, 27, reportedly swore under oath June 25 that Myla has always been just a friend. In fact, it sounds like she tried to trick her way into Kris’ life because of her obsession with the Kardashian family!
According to TMZ, Kris said he’d only been speaking to Myla for a few months, and their conversations almost always involved him answering her mundane questions about the reality staples.
Kim’s soon-to-be-ex-husband swears he never spoke to Myla about the divorce.
Do you believe Kris Humphries never dated Myla Sinanaj?