Saturday, July 28, 2012

Naija Dancehall Queen offers Cash Prizes, Prominent Video Appearances & Freebies!

H2G Entertainment (aka Home 2 Globe Entertainment) in conjunction with ENT.1771Nigeria is promoting what might stand as the largest ever all female dance competition in Nigeria - the "Naija Dancehall Queen".

The Naija Dancehall Queen is a concept of TALKROC' INNO, a content innovation and idea communication agency. Naija Dancehall Queen is a Nigerian dance competition platform that celebrates and empowers women (girls, ladies). The Competition will evoke the creativity of the Dancehall style, while bringing competition participants into the entertainment spotlight with the benefits of publicity, relevance and recognition.

All ladies 18 years old above can participate either by contesting in the dance competition event or contesting through their home-made dance video. The winner's prize at Naija Dancehall Queen competition includes; Trophies, Cash, Ambassadorship role, Music Video Feature Contracts, Talent Promotional Deal, Brand Endorsement Deals, LCD Screen TV, Smart Phone & lots of Freebies

More details on the event website:, Like Facebook:, Follow Twitter handle: @NaijaDanceHallQ

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