Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nanny Rescues Child, 4, From Being Hit By SUV

Nanny Saves Boy

An NYC nanny pulled a four-year-old boy out of harm’s way, when an SUV drove onto the street corner where they were standing!

Cindy Gaston and little Jonathan Meltzer were waiting for the boy’s sister on a Greenwich Village street corner, when a stolen Jeep crashed onto the sidewalk!
“I was still shaken up by it…but it was instinct,” Cindy told New York Daily News. ”I really didn’t have time to think: ‘Let me save this child, let’s run away so we can save our lives.”
Remarkably, the nanny doesn’t want to be called a hero and thanks God for giving her the opportunity to save Jonathan’s life.
“I didn’t have time to think about being a hero, it was more of an instinct so I’m really blessed that I even have the chance to be called a hero – I really thank God for that.”
Cindy suffered many bruises and is currently on crutches because of her heroic actions on July 12.
The boy’s mother was very thankful that the nanny did what any mother would do and risked her life for the little boy. ’She totally saved my child’s life,’ Chandra Meltzer told New York Daily News.
The car that crashed was a stolen vehicle driven by 19-year-old Dezmon Sardina, who was later charged with reckless endangerment...