Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sheyla Hershey, the WOMAN with the world’s biggest breasts says years of surgical operations led her to attempt suicide.

A WOMAN with the world’s biggest breasts says years of surgical operations led her to attempt suicide.
Sheyla Hershey emerged from a coma this week after taking an overdose over the agony she has suffered with her enormous size MMM breasts.
The Brazilian model says a dangerous obsession with having the biggest breasts in the world led to her nearly losing her life and has warned woman thinking about changing the way they look through surgery.
Sheyla, 31, is recovering after taking an overdose but, in her first interview since emerging from a coma, she reveals how terrible infections on her surgically-enhanced body led to a SECONDsuicide attempt within the space of two months.
For after boosting her implants to MMM last June Sheyla developed a deadly infection which later forced doctors to remove her mammoth breasts, an operation which left her feeling so ‘ugly’ without her them she simply wanted to die.
Now speaking just hours after she was discharged from hospital this week Sheyla tells how her obsession to retain her world record hasRUINED her marriage, DESTROYED her health, CRIPPLED her family financially to the point of bankruptcy and worst still left her feeling so suicidal she fears she will eventually KILL herself leaving her 18-month-old daughter without a mum.
“When I woke up from my coma in the hospital on Wednesday I didn’t remember anything,” tells Sheyla.
“I don’t expect anyone to understand but I’ll be honest, without my breasts I feel so depressed sometimes I don’t even want to live.
“And as a mum I realise that is a terrible thing to say and I so desperately want to sort myself out before it is too late.
Sheyla Hershey
Sheyla Hershey
“My daughter is not even two yet, and it breaks my heart that I am the way I am but I cannot help it.
“My husband has put up with so much and now our marriage is in total crisis not to mention our financial situation, which due to my medical bills is about as dire as it could get.
“If I don’t sort this out soon I fear what I will do next.”
Incredibly, despite what she has endured Sheyla is adamant that having her breasts put back in will make her life better again.
And in order to make sure this happens, Sheyla incredibly tells how she signed up to radical electric shock therapy called Electroconvulsive Therapy, which she was undergoing just days before her most recent attempt to take her life.
ECT, which induces seizures in the brain, is suggested to help patients with severe depression and bipolar disorder.
In Sheyla’s case because she suffers from both extreme depression and bipolar disorder, she was admitted to the 10-day rehab program at the request of her therapist, plastic surgeon and her desperate husband, Derek.
But when she returned home last Saturday, Sheyla’s mental health took a turn for the worse.
Just two days shy of her scheduled breast augmentation surgery, where her Texas doctor was planning to reconstruct her breasts with FFF implants, Sheyla was rushed to the hospital after collapsing from a pill overdose. She was taken to hospital and made a recovery.

But just days later came her SECOND attempt on her life.She says: “The worst thing is there is a part of me that knows I will probably end up in hospital again as my obsession with having the world’s largest boobs has taken over my life.
“When I came home on Saturday I was fairly happy and cheerful, but when I woke up Sunday morning I was like a zombie,” explains Sheyla.
“I told my husband I wanted to be left alone and I couldn’t even bare to take care of my own daughter, I just slept the whole day because I felt so depressed.
“I don’t remember even doing it but apparently I went to Derek, told him I wasn’t feeling well and swallowed nearly a whole bottle of painkillers before going back to bed.
Sheyla Hershey
Sheyla Hershey
“Later that night he told me I wasn’t looking well and that I should go to the doctor straight away, but I don’t even remember being awake at that point let alone having a conversation with him.
“Shortly after he left our bedroom to go get our daughter Victoria ready to leave and he heard me collapse upstairs and came running to my aid.”
Finding Sheyla lifeless on their bedroom floor Derek performed CPR, but after no response he dialed 999 and watched the ambulance take her away.
For four days Derek waited impatiently for an update from the doctors and was thrilled when his wife finally came back to life.
“It must have been terrifying for Derek as he didn’t even know if I was going to make it,” tells Sheyla.
“The doctors had told him to prepare for the worst and he did. But I survived.”
Following two suicide attempts in the last two months, Sheyla says Derek is at his wits’ end and fears the day he wakes up to find his wife dead.
“I think my overdose last week was a way of escaping my life,” explains Sheyla.
“Having the title of World’s Biggest Boobs is a lot of pressure for me and losing my implants last September was absolutely devastating.
“I feel ugly and depressed without my boobs and my obsession and insecurities with myself have put a lot of stress on my marriage.
Talking about her first boob job, she says: “I remember we were at a Dolly Parton concert and after expressing how badly I wanted her boobs he said he’d pay for me to get them.
“My first surgery was in 2000 and I went from a 32B to 34DD and just kept getting bigger and bigger.”
Throughout her five-year relationship with Mark, Sheyla coined the idea of having the biggest boobs in the world and that’s where it all began.
Her obsession with her breast size led her to leave boyfriend Mark Wall, but fast forward 11 years and Sheyla is in a similar predicament with her husband Derek.
However this time it’s running her marriage, her relationship with her daughter and the family finances.
For after shelling out an estimated £60,000 over the last 10 years, Derek has had to remortgage their home and nearly file for bankruptcy all in the name of Sheyla’s boobs.
“I’ll admit I’m selfish, I know what I want and I’ll go to extremes to get it,” explains Sheyla.
“But unfortunately with my infection last June and having my implants removed in September the medical bills were outrageous and it really tore my family apart.
Sheyla Hershey
Sheyla Hershey
“My hospital bills totalled over £12,000 and my medicine cost £3,700 a week.
“We were struggling for a long time and as things got worse I fell deeper and deeper into depression.
“I’ve put my boobs before my family for too long now and it’s turned me into someone I hate.”
“In many ways my boobs have ruined my life and they’ve almost killed me, but right now I think having my big breasts again is the only way to cure my depression.
“I know Derek doesn’t want me to do another surgery, but with or without his consent I’m traveling to either Brazil or Mexico to have my implants back in next month.
“I feel I have no choice if I ever want to be happy again.”