Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surprise: 2Face Idibia In The House.

The “African Queen” star  and Nigeria’s top artist 2Face idibia paid   a surprise visit to the Housemates this afternoon.As it is well known that Biggie is full of surprises so did he  drop this one to his residents.
The Housemates were chilling  in their normal life going about their daily routine and from the storeroom there came  a grey suited bold guy who is famous at least to every African  who loves Music.
All Housemates were happy but we can’t avoid talking about Jannette‘s reaction. The Ugandan babe couldn’t contain  her excitement as she jumped onto the singer as a sign of welcome . She remained glued in his chest for some minutes leaving other Housemates just staring at her.
After Jannette was done a  while later, the rest of the Housemates had to say ‘Hi’ and welcome the star to their House. Housemates kept smiling but Jannette  couldn’t believe that she was next to one of Africa’s best artists.
The Housemates later took their visitor to their garden  to show him their vegetables. The hosts and their visitor later talked about music with every one sharing what they knew and want to do  in the music industry.
Won’t Jannette and Prezzo ask for a collabo with 2face?