Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tamara back, speaks of collaborations

TAMARA, the second Zambian representative to be evicted from Big Brother StarGame after Mampi, returned home on Wednesday and likened the M-Net reality television show as an illusion.
And Mampi, who upon her return had said Big Brother was all about pretence, says she is still confused psychologically as being in the house is really crazy.
Tamara arrived home around mid-day aboard a South African Airways flight and was met at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport by Mampi, Multi-Choice public relations manager Marlon Kananda, boyfriend Francis and friends and relatives.
During the press briefing at the Southern Sun Ridgeway which also had Multi-Choice Zambia general manager Simon Bota, Mampi and Tamara, who has had fights with her younger sister Talia says Big Brother is like an illusion. Despite the fights, she says she is still close to Talia outside the house.
“It’s like an illusion, you really have to be there to understand it but I don’t know how Talia is playing it, it just came to her in a different way but we still remain close as a family,” she says.
“For me I think Big Brother taught me tolerance because of meeting people from different countries and cultures. I want to use Big Brother as a platform that should open doors for me, particularly in building my music career.”
She says she intends to do collaborations with other African musicians as a lot of people liked what they heard when her music played in the house including Big Brother presenter IK. Like Tamara, Mampi also says she is looking forward to doing some collaborations using the Big Brother platform particularly that she was the most liked musician in the house with more followers than any other contestants.
Meanwhile, Tamara has called for support from fellow Zambians citing negative reaction she received following her eviction on Sunday from some Zambians in South Africa who passed derogatory remarks on her.
“After the eviction, we went somewhere and I met these Zambians, but they never said anything to me and only talked to the others. When told that I was from Zambia, they just insulted me and said I should never have been in the house in the first place yet they were really nice to strangers.”
She was responding to a question on whether Zambians are supportive of each other.