Monday, July 23, 2012

Travel: Malaysia... My Truly Last Stop To Manila

I only have one and a half day to explore Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and all I did were eat and shopping.. and took photos of things I'm not usually fond of but considering of helping people who want to go to Kuala Lumpur someday.

Kuala Lumpur is one of the cheapest place to ride a cab except from/to airport.

Shopping is way cheaper in Malaysia compare to Singapore but I kinda love the vibes in Singapore.

Kuala Lumpur's climate all year round is hot and humid so people go to Genting Highlands to chill out and eat.

Genting Highlands is not a shopping haven, but for people who want to eat good but not great food, its the OK place.

If you're going up to Genting Highlands, you have two choices on what to do there -- either eating to this buffet restaurant or 

going inside this outdoor theme park

Well I chose the buffet restaurant because when I saw the outdoor theme park... ZOMG!! definitely needs a renovation!

I think the 55MYR (includes the RT bus ride from/to City) is worth it if you'll choose the restuarant...

There's no entrance fee in Genting Highlands' indoor theme park except if you want to ride, you have to pay.

After checking out Genting, it was time for my retail therapy in the city

The week I'm out of the country was the same week UNIQLO in Manila opened...and with all the crazy news happened during the opening... I was kinda LOL-ing 

Because this was the scene in Manila

This photo from Inquirer
 And this was the scene in a newly opened UNIQLO store near to my friend's place in Kuala Lumpur, almost empty

Checked-out the fountain show in front/back of the Petronas Tower

Petronas Tower

Walking and shopping abroad are my exercise... and PRIMADONNAs are my enemy during my shopping mode.

Malaysian fans of H&M are lucky because the flagship store in Kuala Lumpur will open this September (wish they'll open a store in Manila noh)

We ended the night in PappaRich, it's one of Malaysia's fast food restaurant.


The next day my friend brought me to Batu Cave (after going there... I hate the place)

* make sure if you're going there, not to bring a plastic bag and do NOT give food to monkeys...  you'll be traumatize

Before I went to the airport, dropped by in IKEA for lunch

Make sure to a lot four hours before your departure time and do the web check-in because KL airport is very far from the city.

Used the KL Express to LCCT airport

And my BFF while in the plane to Manila

AUGUST MAN and Noah Mills was on the cover, I ♥ this magazine

Arrived Manila safe and still gorgeous.. LOL