Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Usher Is Taking Kile’s Death ‘Very Hard’

Since his stepson Kile’s death, Usher has been very emotional and has not taken the news well. The entire family is still extremely hurt over the entire situation, but they are just trying to lean on each other during this time of need. Read how Usher is trying to cope with this terrible tragedy.

Usher’s stepson Kile Glover tragically died after being pulled off life support on July 21, several days after a jet ski accident rendered him brain dead. A source close to the R&B star tells Hollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY that he has been taking the news “very hard,” and that there have been a lot of tears shed over the situation.

To make things worse, Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster, who is Kile’s mother, still have a lot of animosity between them. Although they have spoken about logistics such as funeral arrangements, they are not on a path to reconciliation and their relationship is still very much damaged, the source added.
However, they are trying to stay strong for the family, who is relying on prayer and leaning on one another to get through this difficult time.
Usher is also seeking therapy through music, and he deals with pain through writing and recording.
“I would not be surprised at all if a song in Kile’s honor would be written and released in the very near future,” the source said.
We hope the family continues to heal, and our thoughts are with Usher and Kile’s family during this difficult time.