Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Breaking News: Voluntary Exit For Prezzo

Prezzo unleashed a bombshell this evening.

Kenyan rapper Prezzo confided in Talia this evening, letting her in on his plans to ask for a Voluntary Exit, as early as tomorrow. Prezzo cited isolation and an overwhelming sense of loneliness as his reason for throwing in the towel.

Talia did not seem to believe him at first, but after deeper conversation, realised the Kenyan is serious. "My tank is on empty right now. I'm done. I feel so lonely and the isolation is getting to me," he said. Talia encouraged Prezzo to hold on just for a little longer. "You cannot give up now. We're nearing the end. You cannot give up right at the door. It would be a stupid move on your part. Think of all the people you will be disappointing," she advised.

On Sunday, Goldie was Evicted from the Big brother House. She and Prezzo were conjoined at the hip and after she left, Prezzo has been trying to spend time with the origional Downvillers. Unfortunately, relations have been a bit on the icy side, especially with Keagan. Prezzo has tried to spend time with Lady May, who in turn, prefers solitude.

Will tomorrow be the day Prezzo packs his bags, or is he just joking?

Video: Calling it quits?

By NgettyD / DStv Online