Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goldie's Emotional Exit - Photos

Goldie getting ready for the live eviction show.
Goldie's last moments in the BBA StarGame house.
Lady May and Wati comforting each other.
Wati in the StarGame lounge.
Keitta has a laugh.
Jannette getting her Goldie look on.
No worries for Zambia's Talia
Guys hoping to see a glimpse of what is happening outside the house.
Kyle who was up for possible eviction was all smiles after surviving the chop.
Prezzo survived the eviction.
Talia and Kyle.
Guests were entertained with live music.
Zimbabwe's Winky D entertained guests at the show.
Goldie bids BBA StarGame fans farewell.
Goldie shocked to see how the other housemates nominated.
Goldie is ushered off the BBA StarGame stage.

Courtesy of Africa Magic / DStv Online