Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Note This Moment from ebonyville

Have you ever experienced a moment and wished you could share it with someone? Even the simplest of moments define our existence and make life all the more interesting. And this basic fact is the inspiration for the

The idea grew from a theme of posts that i saw on a blog. I noticed that simple posts about experiences that made me happy on the most random of occasions, drew the most attention. I quickly realized that people were crawling the Internet, looking for pockets of happiness — in this case,Those who read of this experience, were, in turn, smiling themselves.
Our goal is to use the blog as a canvas where we take your simple, everyday moments, and make them count. Anyone can participate with more than one submission. Your moments can range from the simple (a smile from a cute stranger on a bus, which magically washed all the bad out of an otherwise terrible day), or to the complex (like the time you went skydiving in Croatia, and watched the world stand still as you touched down). All it takes to participate is a short write up and an image that highlights your experience. We’ll take care of the rest.
With media at our fingertips, we’re constantly inundated with up to the minute information of all the bad that’s happening on our lovely planet. We become so absorbed in the naysayers and doomsday threats, that we lose sight of the simple beauty and joy that stems from everyday experiences that catch us off guard. We all have good moments… we just don’t realize when they’re happening because the bad tends to overshadow them.
So the next time you find yourself smiling at a baby on the subway, or running through a field of freshly fallen snow, make a mental note and submit your experience to the You’ll be glad you did. And as an added bonus, you’ll revel in the fact that your story will make others smile.
Pay it forward and send your stories to — a blog where we take all your moments and make them count.
Looking forward to reading your stories.....