Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Look Like a Victoria’s Secret Model

Adrianna Lima and the Victoria's secret models
Although not everybody can be a Victoria’s Secret model, it is possible to have the body of one. By following the diet and exercise routine of these beautiful and sexy ladies, you can look and feel your best, even if you never find yourself on a runway.
Diet is extremely important, because what you put into your body will have a strong effect on what your body looks and feels like. Victoria’s Secret models know the value of eating organic fruits and vegetables, and avoiding all processed foods. Many processed foods contain chemicals that will cause you to gain weight, and have preservatives that stay in your body and are nearly impossible to get rid of.
Most Victoria’s Secret models will eat a good breakfast that is packed with good carbohydrates and sugars for energy to kick start their metabolism and their day. This breakfast includes anything from old fashioned oatmeal, fresh fruits and berries, egg whites, cottage cheese, and yogurt. For the person that is on the go, a good breakfast is important to help you feel great throughout the day.
For lunch, they will typically have a salad with dark green leafy vegetables and other fresh organic vegetables on top along with a healthy snack such as fruit. It’s also important to have either chicken or fish added into the salad, as it is a good source of protein. In order to build muscle and lose fat, it is extremely important to have a lot of protein in your diet.
For dinner, Victoria Secret models have lots of options. They eat whole grain pastas or brown rice, again with fresh organic vegetables and chicken or fish. Most models will eat about 5 small meals throughout the day, or have snacks in between meals. This is important for maintaining their metabolism as the day goes on. With correct food choices and portion control, there’s no need to be counting calories or going on crazy diet plans.
Exercise is another important factor when it comes to having the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. Most Victoria Secret models work out about 4 times a week, and do over an hour of exercise each time. Finding an exercise program that is right for you is important for getting that sculpted body you want. There are lots of different types of exercises that you can do so that you won’t get bored with exercising, or find it too difficult. You can do anything from yoga to kick-boxing, or from running to weight training. Variety is important when choosing exercises, and you should maintain a balance between cardio activities which help to melt fat and strength exercises that help to tone muscle.