Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Women’s Fashion Trends for Summer 2012

Keeping up on the latest fashion trends can be difficult, so here are some of the top trends this summer that you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe. By following a few of these tips, you will easily be able to be in fashion this summer.
All things neon are popular this year, but you do have to be careful about putting too much neon in one look. Too much of this good thing is definitely a bad thing, so try just adding a neon purse or a pair of shoes to brighten up your look. The most popular neon color is orange, which makes a clear fashion statement.
To go along with all these colors are creamy neutrals that have the classic look of white, but without all the sharpness of it. Be sure to pick yourself up a pair or two of cream colored pants for this summer, as well as a dress or skirt for an elegant evening look.
Mixing these color trends together are the patterns and prints that are popular this year. Making a comeback are whimsical patterns that feature different animals, flowers, or even fruits. These fun and bold prints can be found on everything from dresses to shoes to blouses and blazers, so you’re sure to find just the pattern in just the piece you need to complete any look.
Most of the styles that are in this summer are loose and comfortable. Loose fitting shirts with the bare shoulders and tunic style shirts are in, as well as crocheted vests. As far as pants go, the flare pants are back in, particularly the high-waisted style made popular by Katherine Hepburn.
Now, for your accessories. They should follow the color and fashion trends this year with bold neons and whimsical prints. The purse that’s popular this season is the belt bag, which should never be confused with the fanny pack. The belt bag is a small and flat square bag that hangs around your waist. Speaking of your waist, skinny belts are also in this summer. As for your shoes, kitty heels and gladiator sandals are the hottest trends for this summer.
If you follow these simple guidelines this summer, you’ll be rocking the latest fashion trends with the style and grace of a supermodel.